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We at ADE Electronics Corp. are committed to insuring a total quality product, every time. We are currently transitioning quality control, manufacturing processes, documentation, procurement and training to conform to best quality standards of ISO, IPC, IEC & EN. Registration and certifications are being pursued.

Training is a critical part of all jobs at ADE. Employees achieve job-specific certifications. Many are trained in a variety of jobs creating a highly flexible manufacturing force.

Our planned total quality approach will require managers to obtain professional training in areas, such as, "ISO Lead Audit Training" and "Certified Purchase Manager".

More stringent document controls have been put in place to assure the latest information is available on the production floor. Production inspection and test failures are documented, logged and used as vehicles for continuous improvement.

Quality Programs
•  Component Failure Analysis
•  Quality Compliance Audits
•  Statistical Process Control (SPC)
•  Documentation Control
•  Customized Inspection Plans
•  Annual Quality Review