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Soutions for OEM Partners

At ADE Electronics Corp., whether simply transitioning product into production, or participating in concept through product realization to field performance and life cycle, ADE provides engineering and technical services designed to support and compliment the manufacturing needs of our OEM partners.

ADE Electronics Corp. also assists in the development and implementation of tailored test strategies and processes that best suit our customer’s production. This often includes assisting in the design, construction and procurement of various test solutions.

Engineering Services
•  Component Sourcing Globally
•  Design Engineering To Support
•  Value Engineering
•  Component Engineering To Support
•  Alternate Sourcing

Test Services
•  System Level Test Integration
•  In-Circuit Testing
•  Functional Testing
•  Burn-In Cycling
•  Failure Analysis
•  Test Correlation
•  Environmental Testing
•  Electrical Assemblies
•  Mechanical Assemblies