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At ADE Electronics Corp. we team up with our OEM partners, and demonstrate how we can fit into their overall marketing and quality management process.

Essential requirements are identified up front for each new project, whether this will involve simply transitioning a product into production, or will entail active participation in full product development and introduction. The essential requirements of the process include:

•  Level of support
•  Flexibility required
•  Quality standards to be employed
•  Level of testing and validation
•  Delivery protocol
•  Customer service needs
•  The timeline

Once the program metrics are agreed upon, support personnel will be assigned at ADE Electronics Corp. to address all facets of the process.

Contact information is conveyed to our customers, who can then communicate to the appropriate party with respect to each step of the process.

Throughout the process, ADE team members will periodically review our customer's needs versus ADE's performance to insure the customer's expectations are being met.