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Solutions for OEM Partners

To provide an accurate and timely quotation, please provide us with the following information by sending an e-mail to sales@adeec.com or calling ADE Electronics Corp. at
(262) 373-1962:

Contact: sales@adeec.com
•  Annual Quantities
•  Production Releases
•  Packaging Requirements
•  Bill-of-Material W/Approved Vendor(s) (Preferably in Spreadsheet Format)
•  Assembly Drawings (Hard Copy)
•  PCB Board FAB Drawing & Current Supplier (Hard Copy)
•  Manufacturer & Manufacturer Numbers for all Parts
•  FAB Drawing for all Mechanical Parts
•  Gerber Data, if possible
•  Customer Contact (Phone, Fax, E-mail, Title)
•  Test Requirements (i.e., ICT, Functional, Environmental)
•  Quote Due Date

Although not required to quote, the following additional information would be most helpful.

•  Costed Bill-of-Material w/Approved Vendor(s) (if currently being built)
•  Target Price
•  Production Start Date
•  Pre-Production Run
•  Shipping Requirements
•  Sample Product to be Quoted
•  Workmanship Standards
•  Delivery Requirements